jes john just does things.
most things.

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+ zinemaker.


want to know more?

jes is one of the leading members of F.INC (we grew from (f)route, a hugely successful localism + community-based arts group in east gippsland), as well as one of the founding members/managers of foundry, an arts-co-operative retail store + office space, located in downtown bairnsdale, victoria.

she loves to be busy doing what she loves - which is really a whole lot. community is a HUGE passion and collaboration is her jam.

with a lust for words, adventure + collation, jes has spent the past ten years on a continuous creative
journey, producing a vast array of beautiful pieces, from photographs to zines to books to watercolour

with a professional background in graphic design, pre-press, visual arts + photography, jes has also held a strong love for writing during the entirety of her twenty-seven years, developing into a strong relationship with story-telling.

her very first book - go, do. a collection of short works - was self-published in june of 2015.
go, do isinspired by adventure and experiences borne of wayfaring delight. from verbatim diary entries, to fictionalised accounts, to emotive poetry, jes john draws upon her trademark cadence and careful eye to create detailed worlds for you to enter and explore. the personal tales are accented by analogue photographs taken all across the globe.

go, do is a self-published book, and is preceded by four years of fairly serious zine-making, culminating
thus far in twelve quirky + beautiful creations. (see zines). the funds to make go, do a reality were crowdfunded.

in her spare time, jes crochets, photographs, whiles the day away in the kitchen in her beautiful bruthen home, travels, travels, travels & plays house.

lately, jes has been lucky enough to be nominated for some pretty prestigious awards [she even won some of them!]:
FINALIST in the Regional Young Achiever category of the Victorian Regional Achievement + Community Awards 2016
SEMI-FINALIST in the Regional Young Achiever category of the Victorian Regional Achievement + Community Awards 2015
FINALIST in the Young Achiever in Business category of the East Gippsland Business Awards 2015
NOMINEE for Young Australian of the Year Award 2016
WINNER Australia Day Young Achiever Award 2014
FINALIST Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year Award 2014

as well as being involved in some other cool things, too;

CHAIRPERSON of inc. east gippsland, founded 2015 [we grew from (f)route, founded 2010] - present

MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER for regional arts australia
2018 - present

BOARD MEMBER of regional arts victoria,
2017 - present

BOARD MEMBER of the east gippsland art gallery, 2017 - present

CANDIDATE in the east gippsland shire council elections - 2016

RECIPIENT of the Scouts State Scarf 2015 [for exemplary community member]

YOUTH AMBASSADOR with the east gippsland shire council 2014-2015

AMBASSADOR with east gippsland marketing 2013-present

she is available for collaborative creations, commissioned pieces, articles, reviews, photography, prints + layout design, self-publishing + life advice (may not be qualified for this).
anything, really.

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